Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with communities, experts, institutions to address public policies and social challenges. We specialize in navigating complex, collaborative processes that require collective effort for success. Our primary objective is to create and facilitate spaces for improved decision-making through collective imagination, creative interventions, and disciplined co-creation. Additionally, we offer analysis and strategic insights to support these endeavors. Stakeholder engagement and management are integral components of our work.

We are interested in various levels and forms of governance, with a particular focus on initiating new processes and projects. We aim to create tools for imagination based management and establish a long-term study and reflection into more ephemeral, imagination-based systems. We operate with these 3 steps in our minds:



Prior to establishing our team, we gained practical experience working within the public sector and collaborating with clients such as governmental institutions, regional and national-level entities, and municipal administrations across sectors, disciplines, and roles.

We recognize that our role extends beyond developing topics or solving problems; it encompasses entrepreneurial knowledge application and managing the co-creation process. A good example of our exploration is the Future of Care initiative which we are starting to build.

About Future of Care

Future of Care covers many areas of life, such as health, social care, pastoral care, caregiving, etc. These separate areas can be viewed both from the individual and collective - community level, and from the state - institutional level. Global and long-term processes of an aging society, digitization, climate change and migration, pandemics, and war in Europe encourage thinking and push towards new care models and services.

We propose radical thinking about the Future of Care that is needed to discover the directions of changes and innovations emerging. We are looking at the question of Future of Care by using a framework that consists of 4 structural elements: actors, spaces, tools, policies.


Care for Water

We have previously explored water from the perspective of anthropology, heritage, regional social development – as a substance forming lifestyles of people, dominating their activities, domesticated and used for the change and formation of natural and cultural landscape. As floods become more frequent in western Lithuania – perceiving itself as a sea country, we are looking for new participatory water related practices, considering how emerging climate vision, narratives, would influence cultural and social identity.

We have joined the exciting collaboration with the EU Policy Lab in the Water Resilience Experiment and are now exploring the practices related to water care in Western of Lithuania and considering trade-offs in governance of water.

More about the collaboration: Exploring Water Resilience with Labs across the EU: A design-driven, participatory initiative - European Commission (europa.eu)

Participatory design expert Dovilė Gaižauskienė
Public Policy expert Viktoras Urbis